September 14-16, 2012
Ramada Conference Center
1601 N. Universal Ave.
Kansas City, MO 64120
Celebrities!  Artists!  Authors! 
Vendors of all kinds!

CON X would like to invite you to become a sponsor for our annual horror, sci-fi, & pop culture convention held in Kansas City.


Conventions are a great opportunity to advertise your brand to a diverse group of people spanning both culture and age.


Depending on the Sponsorship package you choose your name could be associated with a specific event, celebrity or charity which will be advertised to the public via radio, television, newspaper, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and other media.


This opportunity does not stop with the convention’s door hours.  Con X hires professional photographers and videographers who will make sure your banners are documented along with convention celebrities and events.  These pictures and videos will be published over a variety of social networking media with an audience of potentially hundreds of thousands of people.


In addition to the professional documentation, conventions are notorious for wide array of amateur photos and videos that make their way to the internet through personal websites and social networking media as well.


At the convention itself we are expecting well over 2000 people at minimum in attendance which will provide hours of face time with the public through use of the vendor booth provided with your sponsorship package.


Please review our sponsorship packages for details of how you can make take advantage of this opportunity to get your name to the masses.  We look forward to hearing from you soon.  Please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions or concerns

Advertising Opportunity

·         Radio

·         Television

·         Facebook

·         Twitter

·         Newspaper

·         YouTube

Expected Audience

·         Minimum of 2000 attendees 

       at convention

·         Potentially hundreds of thousands 

       via social media exposure

·         Potentially tens of thousands via




Gift Bag Sponsor:  $50 + items (200 items minimum)


Our Gift Bag Sponsors have an opportunity to leave a lasting impression on the public. These items will be placed  in gift bags given to each event attendee.


                                  Gift Bag Sponsor Package Includes

§  Company logo printed on gift bag

§  Item of your choosing placed in the gift bag (minimum 200 items)


Gift items are a special favorite to event attendees and the “Cooler” the item the more effect it will have on the public.  Your item will be randomly added to gift bags along with other sponsored gifts.  Creativity is important with this sponsorship package, the item must be small enough to be appropriate for the gift bag, but must also get your message across in an effective manner along with your Logo.


Movie Sponsor:  $500


Movie sponsors have a unique opportunity to show the public their favorite movies.  During the event we will be hosting a 24 hour movie room where people can enjoy a great flick any time of day.


           Movie Sponsor Package Includes

·         1 vendor booth

·         2 hours use of our special Movie Sponsor Table outside the

           movie room door

·         2 Weekend Passes to the convention

·         MC mention during movie announcements

·         Banner space at the Movie Sponsor Table during your 2 hour

           time slot


Movie Sponsors will be able to choose the featured movie shown during their time slot and will be able to give away anything from drinks and snacks, to company information or grab bag items.  We only  have 12 time slots to show featured movies throughout the weekend so if this option appeals to you, grab your preferred slot fast!


Celebrity Sponsor:  $1000


Celebrity Sponsors will have unique association with a specific celebrity during the event. 


           Celebrity Sponsor Package includes

·         Banner space at a celebrity booth

·         Sole Celebrity Sponsorship

·         MC announcements of your sponsorship

·         1 vendor booth

·         2 Weekend Passes to the convention


This opportunity allows sponsors to be uniquely associated with a celebrity.  The celebrity can be chosen by you, however, VIP sponsors have first selection.  Your banner will be associated with photos and videos taken of the celebrity at the event and in turn placed on Facebook, personal and professional websites, YouTube, etc…


Special Event Sponsorship Package:  $3000


Our Special Event Sponsors will have the privilege of having sole sponsorship of our convention’s celebrity dinner, cocktail party, concert or other special events. 


                 Special Event Sponsorship includes

·         Sole sponsorship of a Convention event

·         Banner space at the convention event

·         Honorable mention of your sponsorship during our media


·         MC announcements of your sponsorship

·         1 vendor booth

·         2 VIP Passes to the convention

·         Small courtesy table at the entrance to the sponsored event


These are special events the public can attend to mix with the celebrities away from the autographing tables.  Your company will associated with the event for advertisements and follow-up comments


VIP Sponsorship Package:  $5000


Our VIP Sponsorship provides maximum exposure through the event and subsequent media outlets.  You will also be able to choose which celebrity you want to be associated with (first paid first served).


                            VIP Sponsorship Package includes

·         Banner space at celebrity booth of your choosing

·         Banner space at the convention entrance

·         Sole Celebrity Sponsorship

·         MC announcements of your sponsorship

·         1 vendor booth

·         Sponsorship announcement on the homepage of our

           convention website

·         Honorable mention of your sponsorship during our

           media advertisements

·         2 VIP Passes to the convention


VIP Sponsors will be highlighted on our own convention advertisements including radio and newspaper announcements.   Your banner will be associated with photos and videos taken of the celebrity at the event and in turn placed on Facebook, personal and professional websites, YouTube, etc…


Sponsorship Rules


Items, banners, products and actions of all sponsors and vendors will subject to the approval of Burnt Water Productions leadership staff.  Please remember that this event is intended for people of all ages and cultures.  No offensive or inappropriate material will be allowed.  Any sponsor or vendor violating the rules of the convention will be asked to leave the floor.