September 14-16, 2012
Ramada Conference Center
1601 N. Universal Ave.
Kansas City, MO 64120
Celebrities! Artists! Authors!
Vendors of all kinds!
Con X Press Passes
If you would like to get a press pass for Con X, please send an email to:
Copy and paste the following questions into the body of your email and
answer them as thoroughly as possible. 
If accepted, you will recieve a return email stating that you have been granted a press pass. 
Please remember that you will need to show your press credentials when you arrive at Con X!
1.  Name:
2.  Company Name:
3.  Email Address:
4.  Phone Number:
5.  What type of coverage are you planning for the convention?
     (pre-convention, during the convention, or post-convention)
6.  Purpose for pass:
     (Do you plan to bring a photographer, camera crew, or do audio
7.  What other conventions have you covered?
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9.  URL and average # of website visitors per month:
10. Link to Facebook page and # of facebook fans:
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12. Which days do you plan to attend Con X?